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Printable Tarot Bundle with Meanings, Spreads, and Printable Tarot Cards

What do the cards have in store for you? Use these printable Tarot cards and spreadsheets to determine your fate and understand its meaning. Don't forget to read the cards for your Birthday with the Birthday Tarot spread. sheet to prepare yourself for the coming year. Looking for more Tarot spreadsheets? Click here for 2 Free Printable Tarot Journal Pages

paperback journal notebook amazon planner

Size: Letter (8.5"X11")

Pages: 28

This printable Tarot package includes:

  • 78 Printable Tarot cards in color
  • Tarot cheat sheets: Major Arcana
  • Tarot cheat sheets: Wands
  • Tarot cheat sheets: Cups
  • Tarot cheat sheets: Swords
  • Tarot cheat sheets: Pentacles
  • Six different card spread sheets
  • Birthday spread sheet 
  • Full interpretation page

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